How does it work?


  • Use any of the URLs below to join the Matrix-Q One Network
  • You will receive instructions, rules, and general terms of service at the first online session
  • The activities can take you 3 min, 9 min, 12 min, 20 min, 40 min, or more, it is up to you.
  • How frequently? You also decide. Once a month, every week, or every three months.
  • How much does it cost you?   You will receive everything for no more than 1,00 EUR / session
  • How many levels of content, training, certification, and opportunities are offered by the Matrix-Q One Network?  9+ Levels (At your first session you will receive specific instructions, on how to access the next level)

Online MeetUps

Along our meetups, we share with you updates on our project status

  • The Matrix-Q One Network has been gamified. We will play all sorts of games online that suit our purpose as a network.
  • We will also challenge you to achieve an outcome collectively, even if you do not need to communicate with each other consciously.
  • In our 20 min online games, you will find out by direct experience, what the Matrix-Q One Network is all about.
  • At our events, we also inform you of the new games or outcomes of games being played on our other platforms under the Matrix-Q One Network program.
  • Our meetups offer the space in which we visually and verbally connect with each other.
  • All is about human connection


You could not attend any online event. That is not a problem.  At the Matrix-Q One Network, you can follow up with a subscription.

  • New sessions, recordings, audio (podcast) challenges, and games are shared on our subscription-based platform.  Including segments (recordings) of our meetups.
  • We share with you updates on our project status
  • We will play all sorts of asynchronous games that suit our purpose as a network.
  • We will also challenge you to achieve an outcome collectively, even if you did not attend an online event or met the other members. 
  • In our subscription-based platform, we update you on new content and create for you other paths to connect with our members or have the experience of participation of all together.
  • All is about human connection. There are many alternatives to connect.

Matrix-Q One Network App

Do you have more time to participate? Then a subscription in our Smart Platform would be the next alternative

A.) At the online events, once every week or every 3 months, we explore and develop our capacity to connect with each other as one single human collective. 20 min would be the time you need to explore with us at the online events. (Please see schedule)

B.) At our subscription platform, you decide when you have the time to participate, and follow up on what we have done in the live events but also follow your own subscription-based participation.

C.) At the Matrix-Q One Network App you will be able to use our technology, to contribute and participate in our network

How to join? Just register at our Matrix-Q Games (Ecosystem) shop. 

Fees: Users register in our platform for just 1,00 EUR


You may be wondering if we could ever meet?

Well, we are all living on the same planet. 

In other words, we are already at the same place.

We think that naturally our members or some of them will decide to meet with each other.

At this point in time, we will not endorse any organic or face-2-face meetup. Because for our project that would be too early.

Once we have reached a number of members, we will announce when and how to meet, observing the necessary safety and probably also identity check