Matrix-Q One

Matrix-Q One Network

Our mission is to bring 9 Billion Humans on Earth Together

We believe to be able to find that single and unique thing that all humans on earth need, that would bring them all together.

The Matrix-Q One Network aims to slowly evolve and grow organically by including more members every season.

We will invite our new members to explore and participate in our digital platform, and tools created for the network.

" Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover " ~ LDMF

Facilitator, Coach, Trainer 

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken facilitates the Matrix-Q One Programs. 

  • Founder & Owner of the Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs & Investors Club
  • Multidisciplinary Researcher (self-funded research studies, Matrix-Q Research Institute): "The study of nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations, their technology, knowledge, society, leaders, thinking, and innovation, enables the creation of a bridge between the past and the future of humanity. At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, we are addressing global, local, and pressing social issues with a new kind of holistic knowledge, "the ancient code, the principles of nature", facilitating a foundation for innovation, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.
  • Speaker, Coach, Mentor
  • Futurist, Data-Driven & Quantum Fractal Time Prediction Algorithms
  • Author, storyteller, and artist (900+ digital e-publications), performing arts producer
  • Explorer, traveler (lived abroad and traveling since 1997), organize multidisciplinary archeology expeditions (Matrix-Q Travel)
  • Multidisciplinary Innovator ( in 81 fields of applications: education, technology, strategic management, personal growth and leadership, mathematics, engineering, clean energy, new materials, arts, business, circular economy, wealth management, predictive tools, algorithms, gamification, holistic health, entrepreneurship, communication, marketing, community building, resilience, human potential, economy, investment,...) Matrix-Q Innovations are utilized at the Matrix-Q Start-ups (Matrix-Q Human Inclusive Technology)
  • Holistic lifestyle trainer Matrix-Q Method ( Primordial yoga, conscious breathing, meditation, self-defense, nonviolence, positive emotions, work-life family balance, forest bathing, preventive health, sound for balance, brain GYM, ...)
  • Consultant, Sparring Partner, Trusted Advisor, Business Transition Facilitator
  • Investor-Entrepreneur
  • Serial entrepreneur ( created business projects, pilot and testing projects in Peru, Chile, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, and online worldwide, since 1993)
  • Facilitates training (for Matrix-Q Certificates, licenses, and label candidates) at the Matrix-Q Akademia for the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors


We appreciate your collaboration with this program

Volunteers join us for 81 or 729 days

For each task, project, mission, or challenge completed, volunteers receive points, rewards, prizes

The prizes include training units, subscriptions, tools, and memberships in the Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club

The main role of the volunteer crew is to "help us to help", and to enable the acceleration and scaling of the Matrix-Q One Program. We would like the program to reach out to more beneficiaries, and attendees worldwide

After registration as a volunteer, an interview will be scheduled, and with a brief volunteer agreement, the first tasks will be assigned.

Volunteers decide how long they would like to contribute, a minimum period of 81 days, and a minimum of 1 hour per week, online (remote).

How to apply? Please fill out the application and agreement form below

Or write us an e-mail for questions and answers (Q&A)


  • Sponsors are welcome to pay the fees of one or more attendees 
  • It is the responsibility of the sponsor to make a list of attendees, including their names and e-mails addresses, and send it to us by email 
  • For the beneficiaries, the ones receiving sponsorship, to receive the invitation link to the online training sessions, they need to register individually using the following URL


  • NGOs and Community centers may represent a number of attendees, and take care of the payment of the fee for them
  • The same rules (above) apply: The NGOs and Community centers need to share with us a list of attendees, including their names and e-mail addresses
  • For the beneficiaries, the ones receiving sponsorship, to receive the invitation link to the online training sessions, they need to register individually using the following URL


  • Would you like to pay more for the Matrix-Q One Program? You are welcome to give a donation or to volunteer. We have more non-profit projects, and causes, we care for.


We use stripe, PayPal, credit cards, and iDeal as payment gateways

Sponsors, Communities, and NGOs also do collective purchases, by paying fees for one or more attendees that may not have access to international bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card services

Sponsors may purchase for several attendees, but each attendees needs of an individual registration

  • 1,00 (one) EUR / Session
  • 52,00 (Fifty Two) EUR / Year Membership
  • 1,00 (one) EUR / Digital Archive Item (e-Learning)

Please select the payment gateways you prefer below 

Please schedule a session in your preferred language (German, English, or Spanish)

Would you like to pay more for the Matrix-Q One Program? You are welcome to give a donation or to volunteer. We have more non-profit projects, and causes, we care for. 

Terms of Service

  • The Matrix-Q One Program is provided only to fully registered attendees that paid the fees on advanced
  • The content of the training program, challenges, and homework are standard for all attendees.
  • Attendees may start at any moment, with the current content/unit of training being delivered.
  • The Matrix-Q Specialist facilitating the program decides the content, challenges, homework, units of training, modules, and group coaching to be provided in each session.
  • The Matrix-Q One Program offers 9+ Levels of training. There are conditions for attendees to access the next level. Eligibility rules apply.
  • The eligibility rules may vary from time to time, associated with each challenge and homework.
  • The facilitator will decide for every session the content that needs to be facilitated, and eligibility rules, according to the outcome of the challenges and homework
  • For the completion of challenges and homework, the attendees need to fill out forms given by the facilitator. Accordingly may receive points, rewards, and prizes (eligibility rules apply, for example reaching a minimum threshold of points): memberships, e-learning programs, challenges, coaching, time-sensitive opportunities, and others.
  • The attendees commit to contributing by inviting more attendees to join, with the purpose of scaling the experience of collective leadership with a positive impact. The attendees understand that collaborating with others, (resilience) is an essential ability developed with the training program, and the challenge the whole of humanity has for this century.
  • Paying the fees gives to the attendees the right to access a number of sessions but does not give to them the right to access specific content.
  • The registered users may pay the fees for one single session (validity ends at the date scheduled), ten sessions (validity ends within 81 days), or fifty-two sessions (validity ends within a period of one year).
  • If the registered users did not attend the training sessions within the validity period, there is no refund, rescheduling, or extension of validity.
  • There is no refund after cancellation, quit notice, rescheduling, or validity end.
  • If a sponsor, community centre or NGO pay the fees for a number of beneficiaries, it is their responsibility to send a list of attendees to our email address, with their names, and e-mail addresses.
  • The sponsors, community centers, and NGOs have been informed that their beneficiaries need to complete an individual registration process in order to attend the online training sessions. The registration process costs 0,00 EUR and does not give the right to access any content or any online training session without the compulsory payment of fees.
  • The Matrix-Q One Program is a service created by the Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club, Administrated by the limited liability company MQ9 Matrix-Quotient 9 Solutions BV Registered in the Netherlands, in the city of Utrecht
  • General Terms of Service apply